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Thanks to Kathleen Riley-Daniels and her review on seattlepi.com.

coffee and books website We're very excited about our inclusion on www.coffeeandbooks.com, a website that partners with
Dunn Bros. coffee to raise awareness about a wide range of books.
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voiceamerica link

Elliott and Randy were interviewed on Kelly Ellison's Your Adoption Coach,
her show on the internet media site Voice America:


huffington post website link

Read Elliott's recent piece for the Huffington Post:


Elliot answered twenty questions about his book for the blog
Benjamin Wallace Books:


We're going global (specifically Down Under)!
"Retrieving" is now available on Booktopia, Australia's #1 web site for books:



The Highlighted Author website will be featuring Retrieving Isaac and Jason
beginning Monday, October 29th.


dog days
Kenneth, WCCO's Pat Kessler & Elliot

The authors (well, the human ones) made an appearance at
the Dog Days of Stockholm, in Stockholm, Wisconsin, on August 4th.

> click here for info

RAWC appearance
Kenneth & Elliot

Rural America Writer's Center Press Release - May 11, 2012

The Rural America Writers' Center presents father and son duo Ken and Elliott Flies,
as guest readers of their newly published novel for the Third Wednesdays event,
7 p.m., May 16 at the Jon Hassler Theater in Plainview, Minnesota. 
The two will be reading from Retrieving Isaac & Jason (Hiawatha Press, 2012).   

In her recent review, Sally Childs, the original director of the Jon Hassler Theater and Rural America Writers' Center, called the book

"a deeply personal and very human story of two dads adopting two Asian boys, filtered through
the pen - and point-of view – of Kai, the most erudite Labrador Retriever punster to fill a page.
Kai writes about her "pack" with unconditional love, lacing her story with joy and wit, as her two
dads (whom she calls "the leader" and "the writer") drop her off with Gramps and Granny in
Trout Valley while they travel to Cambodia to "retrieve" their first son, Isaac.

In using a dog's voice to tell their story, the father-son writing team avoids any tendency toward
cuteness. In their hands, it is a clever conceit by which they fully dramatize the need of gay couples
to gain recognition as a family without making speeches, waving banners, or occupying any public places. 

Readers will fall in love with this non-traditional family, and may find themselves becoming very
careful of what they say in front of their pets, especially Labrador Retrievers.".


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